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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Please pray for Michael Spencer and his family

I recently learned that Michael Spencer (aka IMonk) has been quite seriously ill. Ryan at BHT explains:

After being very dizzy and sick for three weeks, Michael was given a non-specific cancer diagnosis last week. He was scheduled for a biopsy, and possibly more tests, today (Tuesday, [Dec 22]), but he was too weak and dehydrated from being so sick lately. The doctors decided to admit him to the university hospital in Lexington to hydrate him, and get him ready for the biopsy. The latest word was that he was feeling better after receiving fluids. We are expecting a more concrete diagnosis/prognosis later this week.

According to the most recent update, Michael is presently in the University of Kentucky Medical Center, scheduled to undergo surgery today (Dec 24) at 7:15 AM (EST). Please pray for Michael and Denise and their family.