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Monday, March 31, 2008

Dr. Koons' interview on "The Journey Home"

I highly recommend Dr. Rob Koons' interview with Marcus Grodi on "The Journey Home". I watched it tonight, and it was excellent. Encore showings are at 1 AM and 10 AM on Tuesday (April 1), at 1 PM on Wednesday (April 2), and 11 PM on Saturday (April 5). Those times are all Eastern Time.


Unknown said...

They also put the most recent episode in Multimedia > Archived Video > Journey HOme, though I don't think they get it posted immediately.

Bryan Cross said...

Thanks Chad.

Kim said...

I agree! He should have his own show on EWTN! I wish he could've gone on for another hour. I'm hoping to get my hubby to watch that one. Dr. Koons addresses many of his concerns.

Btw, I love your posts...when I can understand them. ;)

Bryan Cross said...

Thanks Kim. And thank you too for the gentle reminder to be more careful to keep my posts intelligible. I'll try!

In the peace of our risen Lord,

- Bryan

Kim said...

Bryan, I really like the way you think. I can see why you appreciate Robert Koons. You're both very good communicators. With you, though, I am challenged with bigger words. ;) That can be a good thing!

Curious, did you read The Spirit and Forms of Protestantism? by Louis Bouyer?

Bryan Cross said...

Thanks Kim. I have met Rob a few times at philosophy conferences, and corresponded with him quite a bit, before he became Catholic. Intellectually, he's head and shoulders above me.

I've read through much of Spirit and Forms, and I definitely recommend it. (In fact, Rob's comments in his interview last night sounded very much like Bouyer.) Bouyer is very fair and charitable in his evaluation of Protestantism.

In the peace of Christ,

- Bryan